VIG L’Intense – Highlight of the Expat Party!

Amidst the dazzling festivities at the Rendezvous Expat Party held at the Heist Bar of the Ceylon Continental Hotel, The Parfumerie launched yet another avant-garde interpretation from Givenchy’s VIG line in the form of VIG L’Intense.

Darker, edgier, seductive and narcotic – L’intense resonates with a heart of rock and roll and is effortlessly sexy in its chypre-intense aromatic aura.

Captivating the senses as it opens with radiant juicy notes of plump purple plum, transitioning into elegantly demure Turkish rose, L’Intense ends in enigmatic musky accents – the perfect composition to reflect its mysterious character. The face of the campaign is yet again the beautiful Liv Tyler who illustrates the transformation from girl to woman in this new release from the house of Givenchy.

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